Monday, January 24, 2022

What's in your Genes?

 Believe it or not!!...

Quilters DO have other hobbies!

There are other interests and sometimes they happily cross over.

Some quilters have other crafting interests such as hand or machine embroidery, scrapbooking, painting, and the list goes on...  Some are into gardening, photography...and I often find that whatever it compliments their quilting interests.

This one I wasn't quite expecting. I dabble in family history...genealogy.  Haven't given it much attention in the past few years as I have come to the end of the trail where a few branches are concerned.  

Just browsing through YouTube the other day, a suggested video caught my eye.  It was about using Google Books for genealogy research.  It was a very interesting discussion.

Looking through old newspapers, look what I found!  Suddenly I'm off on another rabbit chase...for old newspaper clippings with block patterns!

Edwardsville Intelligencer, March of 1933

If you are interested in genealogy as well and would like to watch Lisa's YouTube about how to use Google Books, here's the link:

How did your other interests lead you back to quilting?

Have a great week!


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