Friday, October 26, 2018

One hundred and sixty some years ago singer introduced a household treadle sewing machine. Since then sewing, quilting, and embroidery has come a long way.

Recently I began backing up the huge library of photos that I have converted to digital files. I am using the new Google photo tool library to store digital photos in the cloud. You've got to try this! Google offers and unlimited storage. And I didn't know how many photos I really had.  Looking through them recently I found photos that I totally forgot I had.

I found photos of my grandparents and their new farm north of town and a very young family. Pictures of my grandfather farming with their two horses reminded me of how far farming technology has come.

Both of my grandmothers quilted and used very primitive means by today's standards. They quilted at home and with groups of other women at church. Today I am participating in a quilting mystery with women all over the world. How times have changed!

If you're interested in all things modern and computerized sewing and quilting, I have a new blog just for you. The Digital Quilting Bee talks about computerized quilt design, quilting and machine embroidery digital creation, and long arm computerized quilting. I'm a quilting geek at heart and love anything  that I can create on the computer, share with others, and create something fabulous. Join us!