Monday, January 24, 2022

What's in your Genes?

 Believe it or not!!...

Quilters DO have other hobbies!

There are other interests and sometimes they happily cross over.

Some quilters have other crafting interests such as hand or machine embroidery, scrapbooking, painting, and the list goes on...  Some are into gardening, photography...and I often find that whatever it compliments their quilting interests.

This one I wasn't quite expecting. I dabble in family history...genealogy.  Haven't given it much attention in the past few years as I have come to the end of the trail where a few branches are concerned.  

Just browsing through YouTube the other day, a suggested video caught my eye.  It was about using Google Books for genealogy research.  It was a very interesting discussion.

Looking through old newspapers, look what I found!  Suddenly I'm off on another rabbit chase...for old newspaper clippings with block patterns!

Edwardsville Intelligencer, March of 1933

If you are interested in genealogy as well and would like to watch Lisa's YouTube about how to use Google Books, here's the link:

How did your other interests lead you back to quilting?

Have a great week!


Monday, January 10, 2022

January Organization


It seems that it happens every January. It's a new year. Everyone's into making resolutions, choosing their word(s) for the year, cleaning out the old and making room for the new. Blogs and YouTube are full of organizational videos.

Last year, I vowed to complete a stack of quilts.  All UFOs.  Some needed to be quilted and some just needed binding attached.  I can say that I did wrap some of those up succesfully.  Finding time to sew for yourself can be difficult when you run a business of sewing / quilting for others.  Some projects still remain, but I count it as a resolution met...if only partially.

I started a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quiltalong at the end of last year.  #RhododendronTrail   I do this every year, it seems, and then after a couple clues, I give up.  I keep the pattern clues thinking that I may get “around to it” but always find an excuse to fall out completely.  I don’t have the right colors.  There are too many pieces.  It’s tax time and I really want to get the books done.  Or there’s a new class I am trying to develop.  The latter two excuses always win out.

This year, I am making a valiant effort to clean out and clean up my sewing studio.  It seems there are scraps of fabric and projects left unfinished every where.  Bonnie's quilt is helping empty some bins.  At the same time, my sorting and getting things put away is refilling my scraps.  I may have to revisit her older challenges!

I've been following a challenge by Just Get It Done Quilts. Karen Brown has some good tips and reminders that I “just need to get it done!”  View her Declutter Challenge here:

Day seven was all about threads. Boy, could I relate! Karen talks about threads that have been around in our cupboards forever. Threads that we've inherited and threads that we have no idea where they came from.


I have this tub of threads that I've been meaning to go through and toss out all the strays. And this seems to be the opportunity to do just that. I figured if I turn this into a blog post it might inspire me / shame me by making it public to finally go through and sort out the things that just don't belong and I'm never going to use.

I'll bet you have a tub or a drawer just like this one!

First, that zipper doesn't belong.  I have another tub for those.  And 70 cents?  How long have I had that??!


Most of these I am sure came from my Grandmother's collection or I have had since I first began sewing.  Either's too long!

  • I spy a Ben Franklin price sticker...gone!  Yes, the store AND the thread!
  • Empty spools.  wooden spools...well maybe for a decorative jar of antiquities!
  • Girl Scout patches that never got sewn on my daughters GS vest.  How did those get there?  Good intentions, I guess.
  • Unmarked foam spools that probably came with a long ago used up or discarded sewing kit.

Yes, unfortunately, many of these soldiers ended up in the bin.  The box will be re-purposed and re-labeled.

Did I inspire you to do the same?