Monday, January 2, 2017

Fresh New Year

I haven't seen quite as many news stories this year about New Year's resolutions.  Maybe we're just so happy to put 2016 behind us.  It was quite a year.

I have seen the sales, though, on items that are going to get us organized!  Not falling for it.  Plan to use up or continue to purge my ginormous stash.  And that's not to say I won't buy anything new.  There's always another "pretty" out there.

This is not MY stash, BTW, just a picture from Facebook that I hope I never resemble!  Something to show my DH that there are real hoarders out there.  I, happily, am still an apprentice!

Have my eye on Alex Anderson's new line from RJR due out in April.
What can I do with this?  Just love the colors and have a lot that will work with this.  Can hardly wait.  Something will come to me...about 3 A.M.  That's when my brain come up with it's great ideas.  Guess it's too distracted when I'm awake and need great thoughts.

So what are you up to during these dreary winter days in the Northern Hemisphere?  Lucky, Aussie's and New Zealander friends.  You are in the warm, sunny days of summer.
Drop me a line.

I'll be working on some upcoming happenings for 2017.  So stay tuned.......

Happy Sewing

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