Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring has Sprung

It's been a while and I am bound and determined to get back to blogging.  Spring seems like the best time.  Everything is fresh, renewed, and growing.  Awoken from the long winter's nap!

It’s that time of year.  Taxes are done and things need to be put away.

Winter is slowly losing its grip and those beautiful spring clothes with bright colors catch our eyes!

Someone recently commented that she saved slivers of fabrics for the birds to collect for their nests!  What a great idea!  And wouldn’t it be fun to find a bird enjoying her own beautiful fabric!   So what is your Spring project?  I’m tackling my sewing room.  Here’s the plan…

Clear out the piles.  Where to start?  Well, somewhere, anywhere, any pile – just start.  Clear off a surface because you need that space.  Sort things by project, and by use and what you want to save, throw away, or give away.  Can’t find that tool that you bought – it’s probably in one of those piles!  Stack fabrics by color on accessible shelving or by project and put tools in
jars or baskets that make them easy to access.

Keep in reach what you use the most.   What do you use every time you sew?  Scissors, rulers, rotary cutters and pins need to be easily at hand and safely stored.
Group supplies in task areas.  Pressing supplies should be by the ironing board, cutting supplies near the cutting table.  Re-purpose items.  A cutlery baskets is good for storing pens, scissors and any number of things.

Check out more storage ideas on our Pinterest page.

And this was found on All People Quilt.

Get rid of anything that no longer inspires you.  Throw them out or better yet, sell them or donate them.  Gather all the fabrics, patterns and instructions that go with that project and place them in a clear bag.  Take them to your next guild meeting, or donate them to a church, assisted living facility, 4H Club, or prison program.   Or use UFO’s for quilting practice.

Label and Mark Your Supplies.

Spring Cleaning makes getting started on the next project an enjoyable affair!  Less stress and let’s face it – an organized sewing room just looks great! 

Show us your favorite clean space.  Yes, you can brag!

Or your disaster!  Your quilting / Sewing sisters/brothers will help!

Who knows, you may win a FREE Fat Quarter.  Submission are due by April 10, 2016.

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